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masteron cycle

Precautions: the oppression of masteron cycle¬†bone marrow hematopoiesis (including on the background of concomitant radiotherapy or chemotherapy), previous therapy with nephrotoxic drugs (eg cisplatin), hearing disorders, acute infectious diseases, viral, fungal or bacterial origin, post-vaccination period.   Dosing and Administration Tsikloplatin can be applied as a monotherapy, or in combination with other anticancer agents. When […]

bodybuilding supplements

drostanolone enanthate

Total platinum composed of proteins related and unrelated proteins platinum, whereas platinum amenable ultrafiltration consists of carboplatin and unbound proteins metabolites of carboplatin. In pharmacokinetic studies of carboplatin is usually measured by the platinum level, drostanolone enanthate¬†amenable to ultrafiltration as cytotoxic usually only unbound proteins platinum or its metabolites containing platinum. After a single injection […]

bodybuilding supplements

masteron side effects

If strict adherence to doctor appointments overdoses were not observed. However, when exceeding the recommended doses of the drug, as well as when receiving the drug by mouth, the following symptoms may occur: dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, tachycardia, agitation and disturbance of mental reactions (incoherent speech, fatigue, violation of the recognition of […]