Masteron Propionate

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drostanolone propionate

When administered orally drostanolone propionate is rapidly and completely absorbed from the digestive tract. The half-life of 5-10 hours.  Is highly lipotropic well pass through the blood-brain and placental barrier. It is hydrolyzed under the influence of a nonspecific tissue esterases. The drug is excreted through the kidneys: a small amount in an unmodified form, and the main part Рin the form of metabolites.

Parkinsonism of various etiologies; movement disorders associated with lesions of the extrapyramidal system.

Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, mechanical stenoses of the gastrointestinal tract, megacolon, angle-closure glaucoma, urinary retention, prostatic hyperplasia (with the presence of residual urine), pulmonary edema, dementia, children’s age (12 years), the 1st trimester pregnancy.
The drug passes through the placental barrier and is excreted in breast milk, thus undesirable to use the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Acute decompensated heart drostanolone propionate failure, kidney or liver disease, tachycardia, tachyarrhythmia, hypertension, psychosis, acute myocardial infarction, advanced age.

Dosing and Administration
Inside, before a meal or during a meal.
The initial dose – 0.5 -1 mg / day. The dose is gradually increased to 1-2 mg every 3-5 days. Usual maintenance dose – 6-10 mg per day, divided into 3-4 receptions. In severe cases it may be necessary to increase the dose of 12-16 mg, divided in 3-4 hours. The maximum single dose – 10 mg, -16 mg daily.

Side effect On the part of the nervous system: headache, dizziness, irritability, delusions, hallucinations, fatigue, decreased concentration, psychoses. Effects due to anticholinergic activity: dry mucous membranes of the mouth, paresis of accommodation, increased intraocular pressure, constipation, urinary retention ( including with prostate cancer), tachycardia, decreased sweating. From the digestive system: nausea, vomiting. Allergic reactions: skin rash. Other: purulent parotitis (due to xerostomia), flushing of the skin, decreased muscle tone, possible development of drug dependence.


Large doses of trihexyphenidyl cause drostanolone propionate blockade postganglionic endings of the parasympathetic nervous system, poisoning the picture corresponds to the poisoning of atropine (mydriasis, dryness of the oral mucous membranes, tachycardia, atony bowel and biliary tract, fever, etc.). Disorders of the central nervous system symptoms are expressed in mental and motor excitation may develop coma or paralysis of the respiratory center. Chelation Therapy: specific antidote is available.

Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron) 100mg/ml (10 ampoules)